Contemplation and Coffee with my One Year Old

This is from yesterday, but didn’t get around to posting it…Image

Coffee with Elliot and Jesus

watercolors and micron


Today has been a day of contemplation. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of what it means to be rich or poor and what that means economically, socially, and spiritually.

My country tells me I’m poor. The world tells me I’m rich. Which is it? And what do we mean by poverty and prosperity anyway? I don’t feel that I fit neatly into either camp.

In times of uncertainty and slim finances, I’m extremely grateful to know that I am steward of great spiritual treasure. All the wealth of Christ is mine. Every drop of love that he poured out upon his son has been poured out on me as well. Whether I earn a lot or a little, he is pleased with me. When I’m afraid that I’ve missed opportunities at success or stability, he reminds me that I can take refuge in his acceptance.

What comfort.

There is comfort in poverty as well…in remembering that I’m not the source of the fountain. All I can do is drink from the stream until I’m satisfied.

Lord, make me satisfied.
Until tomorrow, friends.


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