Johnson and Johnson Lies


Rocking T Rex

Watercolor and Micron

When I was pregnant, I often daydreamed about naptime. I imagined my baby nestled snugly in my arms, pink rosette mouth puckered sweetly, little sighs escaping now and then…and I saw myself laying him in his crib and watching as angels sang him to sleep.

Well, we’ve had our fair share of sweet snuggles, to be sure. But let’s face it – most naptimes feel more like wrestling a baby T-Rex. If anyone had told me then that my darling baby would arch his back, flail, and howl with such ferocity, I never would have believed it.

Now that my back is injured, I’m getting a short break from holding my baby as he falls asleep (which he still requires at 16 months), which is bittersweet. Since I couldn’t even lean over his crib to comfort him, I had to let him cry it out today. It was a little heartbreaking, but I couldn’t help noticing that he sounded an awful lot like a wounded dinosaur…

He is, I might add, the very cutest and sweetest T-Rex imaginable.


2 thoughts on “Johnson and Johnson Lies

  1. I had this image of sitting in the garden while my baby peacefully napped in the bassinet next to me…hmmm…somehow it didn’t turn out like that! Now he just eats dirt and squeals instead. šŸ™‚

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