Yoga Lessons


watercolor and micron

Balance is not innate. It is acquired and maintained slowly and patiently. Heck, if I can stand on my head, anyone can do it. A physical therapist once told me I had some of the worst balance she’d ever seen in someone without an inner ear problem! 

It’s all about the core. The body can perform well only if the core is in tip top shape. And for the record, no amount of sit ups is going to help you perfect that tricky arm balance.

One need not punish one’s body in order to see physical gains. Slow, steady, meaningful movements have done wonders for my strength and confidence. My workouts are now energizing instead of draining. Exercise no longer renders me cranky, fatigued, and ravenous.

Not being a Hindu is not a problem. Ok, so maybe they invented it, but the benefits are accessible to people of any faith. Because really, who doesn’t feel better after deep breathing, stretching, and folding like a soft taco?

Not having fancy gear is also not a problem. Too poor for a gym membership, fancy weighted balls and bars, and chairs that promise six-pack abs? Me too. Thankfully, yoga doesn’t require much. I don’t even own a mat. I just use an area rug.

Yoga is trendy right now. And I’m ok with that. If jumping on the bandwagon means I get to stand on my head, I’m all for it!

All right folks, hit the mat (or area rug), and do an extra down dog for your injured friend!   😉



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