On Hospitality and Going Digital



Adobe Illustrator

I’m not sure precisely when I started enjoying the process of digital illustration, but I believe it was only in the last few months. In college, nothing terrified me more than a digital art class (except for maybe Saturday cafeteria lunches). My professors passed me with much higher grades than my work merited…I suspect because they knew I had talent in traditional mediums, and they mostly just wanted to see me graduate. Well, after a few years of distance from botched homework and intense feelings of failure, I’ve tentatively approached my illustration tablet and stylus yet again. With that distance, I’ve also separated myself from many of the ideas I had about graphic art, including the belief that I had master the ins and outs of each program before I could use them effectively. I felt that I had to learn to use the pen tool with ease and grace before I would ever be a real digital artist.

And granted, there is a lot of room for me to grow…but I’ve come to enjoy the process, as I said before. I’ve realized that I don’t have to use the tools the same way everyone else does. In fact, that’s often how unique styles are birthed! So today, I give you a quick little illustration that I did this morning.

I chose a door because I was thinking about the mutual blessing of hospitality. Opening up our home is one of my family’s favorite things; we joke that having people over for dinner is one of our hobbies. Inviting people into your private space takes some humility and courage on both ends, but the rewards are great. Dinner in a home is so much more intimate than a coffee date. It invites your guest to pass through the boundaries that we erect on a daily basis.

I can’t think of a better way to show love to a lonely friend than to invite them into your family, to pull up a chair and eat a meal that was prepared in their honor. I think there is a reason Jesus chose to be known as one who ate with sinners. He came close to them, broke bread with them, reclined, drank, and laughed with them. I’m sure he asked about their families and their hobbies.

It’s my hope that our home will always be a place where friends feel like than can “invite themselves” in.

Let’s get together for a meal soon, ok?


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