Fall Throwback + Mama Drama


Fall on Michigan Avenue

Adobe Illustrator

Are these warmer temperatures making anyone else wishing fall would make a reappearance? I miss the cool evening bike rides that my family took almost every day during the summer and fall. I remember fondly the sunshine filtering through sunset-hued leaves and watching my son tromp gleefully through chest-high mounds of fallen foliage. *sigh*

I started this piece in October, I believe, and have just now put the finishing touches on it. It was one of those little side projects that I did for the pure joy of it, working in it in little spurts hither and thither. I hope reminds you also of sweet fall memories.

My son just fell asleep in the middle of the living room floor.

Sorry, I know that was a mental jump. But he did. He really just did that.

He and I have had a rough morning, starting at 5 am, when he woke up and refused to return to sleep…unless I allowed him to lay on my face. Does anyone else have this trouble or is it just a quirk of my own child? He finds strange comfort in using my cheek as a pillow. This, of course, is only comfortable for one of us and inevitably ends very quickly.

As a result of our early waking, we’re both cranky, and one of us has developed a hitting problem. *ahem*. I’ll give you a hint…it’s not me. The hitting is driving me crazy! Anyone have any good advice for heading the problem off? He is 16 months old and it really just started maybe 2 weeks ago. It’s gotten significantly worse in the last 2 or 3 days. My husband and I have tried to teach him to express his anger in different ways – stomping feet, clapping hands, or even hitting a pillow….but I think he’s a little too young to understand. Lectures also go over his head. Any advice would be appreciated!

Ta ta for now friends. I’m off to enjoy some of this surprise naptime!


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