City Dreams


City Dreams

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I may have grown up in a small town, but I’m totally a city girl at heart. I love the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of people, of sensing the infinite potential that hums in the air, of knowing that within every person is a world contained – dreams, hopes, sins, struggles…

And sometimes our worlds overlap, merge, collide, crash, multiply to create a more beautiful composite than we could have ever dreamed. This, to me, is what makes cities such exciting, almost magical, places. They contain so much life and passion.

The church is a sort of mini-city. Believers are meant to be so tightly knit that we are akin to stones in a building, side by side, supporting the same load, serving the same purpose. None of us is greater than the other. By ourselves, we might not be very impressive. But when we come together in perfect unity, the Lord will fill his city with his glory and make it shine with the warmest, most inviting glow you can imagine.

It sounds beautiful because it is. It’s an amazing reality. But until the realization of this promise is complete, this whole community living situation can actually be kind of messy, confusing, and hard.

I had brunch with a good friend this morning. She and her husband are pioneering a missional community because they believe that the traditional church “small groups” model is insufficient. This is something my family has also been seeking the Lord’s leading in. Together with our friends, we are praying that God will bring together a group of likeminded, imperfect, human stones…and that God will build us together into a little piece of a little wall in his huge and beautiful city.

It’s hard for my friend. People are wary to jump on this bandwagon. Know why? It’s inconvenient. It’s costly. It requires time, effort, patience, and transparency. That’s more than a lot of Christians really want to sign up for. But we think it’s worth it. We have a dream to see the glory of God’s city shining brightly.


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