Odd birds at Story Time.


Odd Bird

Adobe Illustrator

Sometimes I feel like an oddity in the mothering culture.

Can I just be honest and say that a lot of kid things really weird me out?

I took Elliot to Story Time at the library today, and while I’m sure we’ll be going back (a girl’s gotta make friends somewhere!), I had mixed feelings about it. Maybe the slight discomfort I felt was really just plain old insecurity robing itself in pride (double yikes): I was clearly the youngest momma there…all the others looks to be in their young 30s, and they looked like they had this mom thing down. With colorful, bulky diaper bags slung over their shoulders, they strolled their alarmingly put-together children into the room, and sat down. Their well-behaved tots happily munched on crackers (probably organic) and waited patiently for the fun to begin. When the songs started, I was surprised to see that nearly every mom was singing along to these asinine kiddy tunes. They knew all the words and the hand motions! Elliot was having none of it. No matter how I prodded, he showed no interest in clapping his hands or waving his silky scarf like the other babies. He was, however, highly interested in hugging the giant teddy bear that the leader was using as a prop. He ran for that fluffy guy, fell on him, and hugged him like it was his job. With flushed cheeks, I pried the bear from his loving grip and returned it to the story time leader. That pretty much killed it for E. Poor guy.

I’d call it a mild success.

I did meet a couple really nice moms, and was encouraged to know that a lot of them came every week. Hopefully, that will make it easy for me to get on speaking terms with some of them. Right now, we’re barely on smiling terms. I’ll work my way up. Stuff like this both excites and terrifies me. I’m an abysmal small-talker. Unless it involves talking to small people. I can do that just fine. Group situations always make me feel a bit like an odd bird. It’s not the best way to meet me, that’s for sure.

Maybe next time Elliot will get in on the action a little more. He is a huge music lover, but the strange this is that he’s not really big on kiddy music. I turn on a latin dance beat and the kid grooves like a master. I switch on Raffi and he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Go figure. I guess we’re both just kind of odd birds.


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