A Post About Fashion



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I’ve recently discovered, or should I say re-discovered, that I really enjoy fashion. I credit this to living with a model. Back in my teens, I really loved to flip through Vogue, and I was really up on who’s who among designers (though you’d never have known it from my wardrobe!). At some point, I decided that it was a bit heathenish to care about such things, and set it aside for a number of years. Recently, though, I’ve started rethinking my theology of art. Fashion is a beautiful art form in its own right, and I really enjoy it. And I’m ok with that. It’s still a bit of a challenge for me to decide where it fits in my life, since I am not a designer myself, nor do I have the money to purchase their work. Heck, I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I could afford it. Those lovely gowns would be covered in snot and squashed raisins within hours.

I stumbled upon the work of Lebanese designer Elie Saab the other day, and immediately fell in love. His designs ooze femininity and grace. Check him out if you get the chance. I dare you not to drool.


2 thoughts on “A Post About Fashion

  1. I’m not really into high fashion, but I’ve come to enjoy shopping and interesting clothes. If only my pinterest wardrobe was real! 😛
    I feel like I always swing back and forth between not caring at all and thinking it’s too frivolous to wanting to go shopping a lot and wanting lots of clothes. I need more balance. Sigh.

    • Laura, I totally get that. I find that it’s hard to appreciate it without coveting. But that doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad…it means we are inherently bad! ;-p I have the exact same struggle.

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