Rice Paddy Painting


Rice Paddy


Well, I finished my watercolor piece! I’m reasonably happy with it, though if I were to do it again, I’d do a few things differently. Watercolor is such a tricky medium. It’s not at all forgiving. As I feared, I overworked a few areas. I did, however, achieve that lush feel that comes across so strongly in the photograph.

What I simultaneously love and hate about this medium is that I can rarely tell exactly what a finished piece will look like. Perhaps some watercolor artists can map that out and execute each painting accordingly…I, however, am not among them. Usually, my paintings are a surprise to everyone, not least to myself. Often, my plans for a painting change about a hundred times over the course of the piece.

Ignore the strangeness in the upper righthand corner. It’s not that dark in real life, but in the photo it looks like a storm cloud is descending upon my painting.  🙂


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