Licorice, Boots, and Berries.


Wine Tasting

Adobe Illustrator + photograph

This is clearly how I look when I drink wine.

That’s a total lie, actually. When I drink wine, I’m usually lounging on a couch in my snowflake pajamas. Or I’m playing Apples to Apples and laughing like a (sober) maniac. But, let’s face it, drinking wine just tends to make you feel better. So, let me imagine I look like this lady when I imbibe, ok?

Nathan and I really enjoy wine. It’s kind of a new hobby for us. I think our enjoyment of it, however, far exceeds our knowledge about it. So, in the interest of knowing something about everything, we’ve begun researching the wines we buy. What’s the difference between a blush and a rosé? (Nothing.) What does full-bodied mean (ahem.) And so on and so forth.

As we were reading up on Shiraz wine the other day, we came across a helpful flavor profile. “A wide range of notes,” we read, “including dark berries,” (nodding our heads) “pepper,” (uh-huh) “and tertiary notes of leather, truffle, and damp leaves.” Hold the phone, we said! Leather, truffle, and DAMP LEAVES? If I wanted to taste dirt, I’d go outside and stick my face in the compost pile. Peppery fruit I understand. Boots, mushrooms, and compost, I do not.

I’m told that these strange flavors tend to show up in more aged wines, which I’ve never tasted since they would cost me my firstborn. And I think I’m ok with not tasting them. Call me lowbrow, but I think I prefer my wine to taste more like fruit than old shoes. Furthermore, I’m not convinced anyone actually tastes all those things in one glass of wine. I think someone out there is just making it all up and having a good laugh. What do you think? Can anyone prove me wrong, here?

On an only slightly related note, does anyone else find themselves getting sucked into the liquor aisles at the grocery store just to look at all the beautiful packaging? I think wine label designer would be a super swanky, fun dream job.

Feel free to throw out some (cheap) wine recommendations!

P.s. I do not own the photo that is buried beneath that manic color. I found it here:



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