Abandoned Houses




all three are watercolors and gouache on paper, #2 also includes micron pen

“Watercolor painting is a vehicle for my longing and curiosity. Though my paintings inevitably fall short of my goal, I would like for my work to convey something of the childlike wonder with which I see the world. I truly believe that in the world to come, we will see mundane things in a new way: brighter, bolder, and full of new meaning. One of the goals of my art, therefore, is to bring just a bit of that “otherness” into life here and now. In this life it will be seen dimly, imperfectly, and only in snippets and fragments. This makes me want to celebrate and accentuate it all the more. In my most recent set of paintings, the subjects are abandoned homes – neglected, rejected, decaying shells of their former glory. By means of playful colors and textures, I am returning to them a bit of their dignity and honoring them for their part in our history. I want people to see through my work that even in decay, there is beauty. Life takes over in an unceasing and relentless manner, and this is just my small part in the process.”

-My artist statement

I’m really enjoying this series of paintings so far. These three vary quite a bit in style because I’m still nailing down some of the particulars. If you’d like to share what you think works, what doesn’t, and the things you like best about each piece, I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts.

And Kansas City folks, if you know of any particularly interesting, overgrown, crazy-cool abandoned houses, please share! I’m hoping to get out and photograph houses all over the city in the upcoming weeks and months.

And since apparently this is a reader-participation post (if indeed I have any), I’d also like to know how abandoned buildings make you feel? Scared, intrigued, disgusted…?


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