Prints Available Online!

Hi friends,

I’ve got good news for you! I finally took the plunge and made prints of my work available online here:

Go go go!

Fine Art America is the number one place on the web to buy amazing prints. It’s an art junkie’s paradise! You have the option to buy art framed, unframed, on canvas or paper, postcards, or iphone cases. It’s almost overwhelming! Not sure why I even waited this long!

If you’re in the market for a special gift for the nature-lover in your life, I suggest that you mosey on over and take a peek. Every time you shop there, you’re supporting an independent artist. How awesome is that? You have the opportunity to truly help someone. Think about that next time you are tempted to buy wall art at Hobby Lobby.

If you need me, I’ll be spending all my free time mentally decorating my house with art from this website.


Enjoy a gratuitous adorable photo of me with my son. How cute is this little man?! 



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