Things I Want My Son to Know #1

A note about this writing: This short article was written to my son, who is not yet two. I wrote it to his future self, the one who will have doubts and questions about God and his faith. This is the first of such writings, which will focus on truths and ideas that I want him to walk through with Jesus. I hope that these little nuggets can be of even a little help to him on his journey. Maybe they will also help you on yours as you walk alongside the little ones in your life.


Things I Want My Son to Know #1

–Being Filled with the Spirit–

The moment you trusted in Jesus, his Holy Spirit came to live inside of you. He is as close to you as your bones, your blood, and your thoughts. He cannot be separated from you. That’s great news! Sometimes though, you probably feel a little confused when you hear grown ups talk about Holy Spirit. They say things like “I need more of you, Spirit,” and “Fill me up, Holy Spirit,”. The Bible even commands us to be full of the Holy Spirit.

But wait a minute, you think…If Holy Spirit is a person (and he is), and if he already lives in me (and he does)…how can I have more of him? Good question.

You can’t!

Holy Spirit never changes, but people do. When we pray for Holy Spirit to fill us, we are asking that he would have more influence in our lives and hearts. Let’s think about this with word pictures:


The filling of the Holy Spirit is more like the sails of a ship being filled with wind than it is like a glass being filled with water. It’s not an issue of amount, but of power and control! A glass is either empty or it’s not. A full glass is not more powerful than an empty one. By contrast, a ship with with full sails is a lovely, strong sight! However, it’s very important to remember, dear child, that we are more like ships than glasses in another way as well. We need continual filling. Every minute of every hour of every day through your whole life, you need the filling of the Spirit. He will always be in you, but at times you will veer off course. You will forget your path. You will get lazy or fearful. Your sails will droop pitifully.


In those times, you must cry out, “More, Holy Spirit!” “Fill me up!”

–My son, I pray that God will make you a powerful vessel of light and strength in his kingdom. I pray that he will fill your sails and put you on a steady path straight to his heart, your eternal home.–



3 thoughts on “Things I Want My Son to Know #1

  1. You are a great mommy to do this for your son. I wish I would have been this diligent. I did do the very best to instill in them a love for their Savior. So I pray that what The Lord presented to me and I presented to them, the only way I knew how, will also carry them into Eternity to their Heavenly Abba!

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