Things I Want My Son to Know #2 – True Humility

A note: Just in case you missed the note on my first post in the series, I’m writing these little letters to my son, Elliot. He’s not yet 2, but I’m writing them to his future self, to the little boy who will have many doubts and questions. This is my attempt to walk alongside him on his faith journey. I hope it is a blessing to you as well, reader.

Things I Want My Son to Know #2

–True Humility–


Hey, Buddy, I know you feel bad about yourself sometimes. It’s normal. You’re growing really fast, and your brain and your body aren’t always communicating very well. Things can get awkward. Sometimes you’re bound to feel goofy, out of place, and way less talented than all your friends. You’ll blow off compliments with an embarrassed wave or a disagreeable mumble.

But I want you to remember that you’re God’s special creation – and he calls his creation “very good”! God knew what he was doing when he made you the way you are – faults, silly habits, and all. And he adores you. He thinks you’re great. He loves you because he’s your Daddy and he sees his reflection in you, his little boy.

Here’s a secret about your Daddy: He loves it when you make him look good in front of other people! You know he’s good. You’ve experienced it over and over again. It’s only right that you should show his goodness off to your friends! But, by putting yourself down, you are telling people, “My Daddy didn’t do a very good job when he made me.” That isn’t giving honor to your Father. In fact, it robs him of some of his glory (his bright, shiny loveliness).

A truly humble person isn’t somebody who makes himself look bad on purpose. He is someone who knows who he is – a beloved (but imperfect) child of an amazing God. A humble boy doesn’t point people to his faults or to his talents…he points them to his Daddy!


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