A “Conversation” with God.

Good morning, son.

Oh, hey, God…I was just reading about you!

Yes, well…

God, I’m learning so much! I’m really digging this study about antimonianism. The author of the workbook is genius!

Son, I…

He’s got some stylistic issues, but it’s forgivable. I should probably review it on my blog, just to make everyone aware of my hangups with it. That would be a great way to serve my brothers and sisters. Maybe I could turn it into a series!

I’m not so…

Oh, and I finally finished memorizing the entire creation account! That will be sooooo helpful when I get into spiritual discussions with my athiest schoolmates who believe we evolved from apes. I should probably go over it again, just to make sure I’ve got it down…


God, I just love how much I’m learning about you! I know so much more now about where I stand on tons of issues…divorce, remarriage, homosexuality…oooh, I actually just read an amazing article about Christian homosexuals just yesterday. Shoot, where did I read that…I need to forward it to a friend of mine who is on the fence about it…

SON, I really just want…

Oh! There it is! Found it. Awesome. Man, it feels so good to help shepherd my brother.

Dear one, let’s spend some time alone together.

Sorry, God. Did you just say something to me…? I think that maybe you said that you want to…spend time together? Is that right? But…isn’t that what we’ve been doing all morning?

I want to be near you, son. I like you and I miss your company.

God, I think I’m hearing you wrong. I must have read too many “Jesus Calling” book reviews. This sounds like emotionalism….and I’m not really into that.

But son, I…

Oh, man! Sorry, God. Gotta run – I’m running late for small group!



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