Artwork that NEEDS to be on your Wish List this Christmas!

Hey guys, guess what?

Christmas is five weeks away. FIVE! I know, crazy, right? Wasn’t it just summer?

I’m sure that, unlike me, you’re well on your way to having all your Christmas shopping done. But just in case you’re a procrastinator (no judgement here!), a scrooge (some judgement), or just find yourself befuddled by a hard-to-please someone on your list , let me show you what’s on my Christmas wish list. Maybe you’ll find a little inspiration for yourself!

Innocence Unfolding

Innocence Unfolding

Watercolor on Paper

Kelly Johnson

1. Ok, let’s get the plug out of the way first. I’ve got new art available here: and I’ll be adding even more in the very near future. These recent works are really dear to me and I’m super excited to make them available to you! Did I mention that they are crazy affordable?


Before the Dawn

Oil on Canvas

Emily Jeffords

2. ANYTHING by Emily Jeffords should be at the top of your list. . Can we just talk for a moment about how breathtaking her work is? Do yourself a favor and find your way to her online shop. She perfectly captures the poetic beauty of vast sky in all its moody and glorious forms.


fly Free Between

iPhone case

Flora Bowley

3. Flora. Bowley. This girl has ALL the good vibes. If you’re looking for art that just makes you feel empowered and enthralled, check her out: . Her work is freeform, a gorgeous clash of colors, inspiring symbols, and powerful words. She-power to the max right here. Really good stuff. And her work is available in every form imaginable. I’m actually really lusting after a Flora Bowley rug right about now!


I Love You to the Moon and Back

Watercolor and Ink

Ana Victoria Calderon

4. Ana Victoria Caleron knows her way around a palette. Her subjects are whimsical, her colors border on manic, and she can get do the cleanest painted calligraphy imaginable. So basically, she’s awesome.

Visit her store here:

That’s a wrap! I hope you feel refreshed and inspired. I know I do! Now get out there and shop! Alternately, stay at home in your pajamas, drink coffee, and enjoy some awesome artwork.

Have a wonderfully festive, joyful, and delicious Thanksgiving!


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